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Georg Eckmayr

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Art WORK ++
    Works for desktop, mobiles
    & white cubes
    Pure digital ︎︎︎

    Installations ︎︎︎


Info / CV ++
  1. The Viennese Georg Eckmayr is an artist, researcher and lecturer.

    He studied digital art at the class of Peter Weibel under whose supervision he also completed and defended his doctoral thesis on digital images.

  2. Please contact me via one of these platforms below:


a body /
a suit

Various audio-visuals bundled into a modular composition / 2023
>> Scale-able work for desktop & large scale white cube settings

    Digital audio-visual loops, which together form an atmospheric composition.

The visual soruce materials are taken from the c-print series The Suit. Now, transfered into digital space, they start moving, incooperating their own production process.
Embrace fragmentation!