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Georg Eckmayr

    digitally signed ︎︎︎    SURFACES ︎︎︎
      Networked Sculptures 

    Machine Languages︎︎︎

    Digital experimental & algorithm based
    Other Work ︎︎︎
        Installations, films, sculpture, …


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  1. The Viennese Georg Eckmayr is an artist, researcher and lecturer.

    He studied digital art at the class of Peter Weibel under whose supervision he also completed and defended his doctoral thesis on digital images.

  2. Please contact me via one of these platforms below or the email on the CV page.


a body /
a suit

6 audio-visuals (mp4), scanography, digital animation, dimension variable / 2023
>> Scale-able work for desktop, mobiles & white cube settings

6 digital audio-visual loops, which add up to a site-specific screen sculpture. 

The visual source materials are taken from the c-print series The Suit. All images used, were taken with a flatbed scanner (Scanography). They are visual imprints on the glass screen where physical and digital realm meet.

These images, now animated, animated, moving, reflecting their own production process. Embrace fragmentation!