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Georg Eckmayr

    digitally signed ︎︎︎    SURFACES ︎︎︎
      Networked Sculptures 

    Machine Languages︎︎︎

    Digital experimental & algorithm based
    Other Work ︎︎︎
        Installations, films, sculpture, …


Info / CV ++
  1. The Viennese Georg Eckmayr is an artist, researcher and lecturer.

    He studied digital art at the class of Peter Weibel under whose supervision he also completed and defended his doctoral thesis on digital images.

  2. Please contact me via one of these platforms below or the email on the CV page.



Drowning by Numbers

>> LINK to the digital signed collection

Studies on Anthropological Forms
Animated ASMR movies & Inkjet Distortions.

This collection is about our interactions with the environment we live in; nature, landscape, life, algorithms, machines. We are in constant interaction with these entities. We shape our environment and thus we shape the behavior of all living and non-living entities on the this planet. 

Digitally signed ASMR loops, mp4, audio

Physical works:

Digital only works:
Animation Loops
RESCUE Drowning by Numbers #1 – #6, Animation Loops
Edition of 5 each

JPGs (ink-jet distortions)
RESCUE Ink-Jet Distortions (1 – 6)
Edition 150

These works are snapshots of the process of distorting the inkjet prints by various means like wax and or pigment. This process led to the destruction of the works on paper. The digital representation are traces of objects already gone. 

Animation Loops II