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Fields of Research

My research on digital culture is based on discourse analytics and artistic practices.
 Besides theories of digital culture my approach incorporates theories of visual studies, epistemology and philosophy of technology.

︎ Digital Knowledge Systems
(Research Project)

︎ HOMEOSTASIS (Research Project)

Artificial Intelligence, Experiment, Animationfilm, Ink-Jet Prints / 2020
>> Creating a perceptive System.
An attepmt to simulate individuality

            The questions are: Could individualitybe an effect of interaction?And far more specualtive: could even consciousness be an effect of interaction?Generally: Why do we project human characteristics on non human entities?

To tackle these question we developed a very basic artifical intelligence and studied its behavior in different settings. Finally we compared the out attempt to create individual behavior via a perceptive algorithm to the method of key-framing.

︎ Digital Culture Archive (Research Project)

Creating a archive of events represented in digital media / ongoing
>> A singel Event seen from multiple angles.
From mass-media standardisation to digital speech act. 

           In modern times exist pictures from multiple perspectives on an unforeseeable event. In this video we see the explosions (first and sceond) of the bomb at the Boston Marathon 2013 from different views.


︎ Culture Signage (Research Project)

Artistic research on what is considered a “strong photographic image” / ongoing
>> Comperative approach to the genesis of photographic composition in art history.