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Georg Eckmayr

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      Networked Sculptures 

    Machine Languages︎︎︎

    Digital experimental & algorithm based
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        Installations, films, sculpture, …


Info / CV ++
  1. The Viennese Georg Eckmayr is an artist, researcher and lecturer.

    He studied digital art at the class of Peter Weibel under whose supervision he also completed and defended his doctoral thesis on digital images.

  2. Please contact me via one of these platforms below or the email on the CV page.


Curriculum Vitae
Georg Eckmayr

Please contact me via one of these platforms


Georg Eckmayr, Mag.art. Dr.phil., 18.01.1976, Vienna, Austria

        The Viennese Georg Eckmayr is an artist, researcher and lecturer. He studied digital art at the class of Peter Weibel under whose supervision he also completed and defended his doctoral thesis on digital images.

He specialises in moving imagery, films and installations in space or in form of coded structures. Eckmayr also uses sculptural approaches, scientific methods, documentary and journalism to produce a body of work, coming full circle despite its multi-formity. He participates in workshops, lectures, exhibitions and festivals around the world, and also publishes papers and articles as a researcher. In 2008, he received the Saatchi Gallery ́s Showdown award for photography in London. Currently he is working on a research on digital knowledge production and distribution.

Artist Statement

#research_based #conceptual #timebased
#coded #digitalcollage #animation #film

        Logline: My body of work can be described as a network between art & research practices within narratives of cultural valuation (of social, scientific, curatorial, or art market frame works). 

        Abstract: My art operates with contrasts and ambivalences, with contradiction as a productive force. The focus of my work lies on the entanglement of physical and machine-based realms and its effects on social & identity practices. I am searching for textual qualities and non-conscious structural couplings between body / machines / identities and this leads to heterogenous media art installations. Some pure digital, others intertwined with physcial presences. In most of my works my aesthetic gestures are embedded in scientific & research approaches.

        Full Statement: When did I realise I am an artist? I always found myself surrounded by magically aligning lines, geometric forms of highest tension, overlapping elements which defied Euclidean space. These abstract relations and patterns spoke somehow to me, but nobody else seemed to appreciate them.

Today, I am interested in the interconnection of physical and machine-based perception. We do not only perceive with our bodies or more or less reflexively through mass media. We experience a not inconsiderable part of the world through individualised sensing machines. Is the blue dot on the digital map us or an expression of the algorithm? Why do we take photographs on our phones, if we never look at them again? What kind of techo-cultural feedback loops happen in this new perceptive space? We interconnect non-consciously with machines to perceive and interact with the living world, we sense this new world with our (physical-digital) second skin.

To address this field my art operates with contrasts and ambivalences, with contradiction as a productive force. I create compositions from algorithmic experiments, custom software, raw data, social conventions, interface aesthetics, narrative structures, performing machines, audience interactions, as well as scanographies, computer simulations, ink-jet prints or video material. But whatever medium I use to render my art visible, my work is deeply rooted in digital based sensing, scientific studies of human perception and algorithmic experiments.

My specific view on the world, locating abstract forms with high tension, helps to composite discrete and heterogeneous elements into what appears to be a well-defined form. These forms appear compact, but simultaneously fragile, foreshadowing their falling apart. This ambivalence appears throughout my work, not only on an aesthetic level, but also in its conceptual structures. I aim for balance, but a vulnerable one.

Field of Research

            My research is on digital culture focussing on digital art and digital perception- and knowledge systems. This is based on discourse analytics, systems- and affect theoretic approaches combined with artistic practices. Besides these I incorporate theories of visual studies, philosophy of technology and epistemology. 


2017 Digital Courage Messenger, Bundeskanzleramt, Österreich

2016 Doctoral Degree in the Field of Media Studies at the University for applied Arts Vienna, Austria, Prof. Weibel

1996 – 2005 Diploma in Digital Arts, at University for applied Arts Vienna, Austria, Mkl. Prof. Weibel

1995 – 1996 Architecture at Technical University Innsbruck, Austria


2003 – now Artistic Work, Research, Publishing and Lecturing Work focussing on the Human Condition in Digital Environments

2018 – now Lecturing, Media-Theory, Department TFM @ University Vienna, Austria

2014-2018 Organizing Conferences – Praktische Aspekte der Kommunikationswissenschaft, FH St. Poelten (guests: Martin Arnold, Amina Handke, Silvio Heinze, Leopold Kessler, Mimu Merz, ...)

2012 – now Lecturing, Communications and Digital-Theory, University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, Austria

2008 – now Creating Narratives and Moving Images (for animation films, life action films, documentaries, and VR environments)

2008 / 2009 Lecturing, Department for Fine Arts and Media Theory, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Prof. Weibel

2006 –2008 Photographer, Editorials for the Newspapers Der Standard, Die Presse

1998 – 2001 Life-Visual-Shows for Radio FM4, Lichtenberg, Nanola with H. Kreimel as EINARWORKS

Associated Institutions: Berliner Gazette, Telepolis, FH St. Poelten, University for applied Arts Vienna, University Vienna, bildbuero

Selected exhibitions / festivals

Upcoming / Current
︎︎︎ Beyond the Hype: Into the Unknown @ foundation.app LINK
︎︎︎ Drop, RAW material - songs of algorithm (soon)

2024 Patterns of Disillusion / Gallery 5020 / group exhibition / Salzburg

2023 VIENNA ART WEEK 2023 EXHIBITION / group exhibition / Vienna 
2023 Short Waves Festival / Poznań, Poland
2023 Open Studio Days, Vienna Art Week
2023 Mowna Biennal / group exhibition / digital
2023 Virtual Showcase at the Conference on the Histories of Media Art / Venice
2023 ANTIDOTE Festival / digital / group exhibition / objkt.com
2023 EVA 20 / group exhibition / BACC / Bangkok, Thailand
2023 Medienfrische / interactive installation / Austria
2023 DINGE / group exhibition / Glockengasse / Vienna

2022 Projekt EVA / group exhibition / KiG! / Graz, Austria
2022 Open Water @ No.HOT_L Istanbul 22 Edition, Istanbul Biennale Parallel Event / exhibition / Istanbul, Turkey
2022 Film Screening @ Choreographic Contingencies for on- and offline / University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2022 AnimaDoc Film Festival / Lodz, Poland
2022 teia Drop / Collection QUANTS
2022 Short Waves Film Festival / Poznań, Poland
2022 Medienfrische / Solo Show / Bschlabs, Austria
2022 KFA Homebase Angewandte / exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2022 objkt Drop / Collection RESCUE
2022 Crossing Europe Film Festival / Linz, Austria

2021 Open Atelier / Vienna, Austria
2020 brut Wien Schwendermarkt / group exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2020 brut Wien / New Art Online - False Memory Syndrom / Vienna, Austria
2020 Inshort Film Festival 2020 / a landscape of me / Lagos, NG
2019 Gallery Marzee / exhibition Eckmayr/Reithofer / Nijmegen, NL
2019 Open Atelier / Austria, Vienna
2018 Bolton International Film Festival / a landscape of me / Bolton, UK
2018 ROS Film Festival / a landscape of me / Elche, ES
2018 SWDZ Off Space / exhibition IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT / Austria, Vienna
2017 Me Collectors Room / exhibition FASHION: Objects, Concepts & Visions / Berlin, Germany
2017 Projektraum Rembrandt / koerper gelten / Vienna, Austria
2017 LIVING DOCUMENTS / Im Experiment mit Dominik Gruenbuehl / Porgy&Bess, Vienna, Austria
2017 Aesthetica Film Festival / a landscape of me / York, GB
2017 Loos Salon / a landscape of me / Bridge Club, Vienna, Austria
2017 Philosophy Unbound / The Stream / Theater Spektakel, Vienna, Austria
2016 Liu Haisu Art Museum / ReFashioning Austria / group exhibition / Shanghai, China
2015 reflektor / maniac / group exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2015 automaten / group exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2015 Q202 / group exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2014 Tyrolean Independent Filmfestival / screening [The Beasts (Wilde Tiere)]
2013 Foto K / group exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2012 Werk / group exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2011 the pop.blog / public viewing TWO / web
2010 Salon XV / group exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2010 Raum Lobkowitzplatz / STOP / group exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2010 Hinterhaus fotoK / Exquisite Corpses / exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2010 ESC Center / group-exhibition / Graz, Austria
2008 Saatchi Gallery / group-exhibition / London, UK
2008 Projektraum Pipeline / solo-exhibition, Distant Proximities / Vienna, Austria
2008 Sonnleitner showroom / group-exhibition / Wels, Austria
2008 Trojan Horses / group-exhibition / Vienna
2008 Video Art Screening Krems 08 / group-exhibition, On the Surface / Krems, Austria
2007 Guerilla Convention / group-exhibition / Salzburg, Austria
2007 DIsplay2007 / group-exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2007 Kunstraum Innsbruck / group-exhibition, Fresh Trips / Innsbruck, Austria
2007 Projektraum Goerres10 / group-exhibition / Munich, Germany
2006 Kunstraum NOE, Editorial Award / group-exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2006 MusikUnlimited / installation / Wels, Austria
2006 imPavillon / solo-exhibition / Wels, Austria
2005 MQ Freiraum, / group-exhibition / Vienna, Austria
2004 MQ ImpulsTanz Lounge, / installation / Vienna, Austria
2003 MQ Kulturkontakte / presentation of a documentary *** / Vienna, Austria
2001 ACCES(s) Electronic Culture / screening / Pau, France
2001 Gallery Wintergarten / space invasion ** / Vienna, Austria
2000 Diagonale 00, Austrian Abstracts / screening / Graz, Austria
1999 Diagonale 99, Music Video / screening / Graz, Austria

              ** with H. Kreimel as EINARWORKS & Bernd Preiml     *** Documentary A Conference and Six Exhibitions, (Artists: Elke Krystufek, ...)

Lectures / Symposia / Conferences / Media

2023 Research presentation at the International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology

2021 ORF1 Magazin Künstliche Intelligenz, Interview

2020 ORF Dialog Forum: Neue Technik - neue Ethik? - Panel discussion

2018 ZEIT Forum Wissenschaft: Vernunft am Ende? Populismus. - Panel discussion, Universitaet Tuebingen **

2016 Ein Millionstel Wahrheit - Talk with Timo Grampes, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Kompressor

2015 Starke Bilder / leblose Koerper. Zu einer digitalen Aesthetik des Todes - Lecture at FotoK Wien

2015 Sinn, Wahrnehmung und Algorithmen - Lecture, symposium Distant Reading und Diskursanalyse at the IWK Wien

2014 Schaulust und technische Bilder, Short lecture, symposium Medien Denken

2010 Unsichtbare Politik, multiple Persoenlichkeiten, elektronische Darsteller - Lecture at Forum Medientechnik, St. Poelten

2010 Truthtelling - Panel discussion at the MUMOK Vienna *

2008 Acoustic Avant-Garde - Lectures Department for Fine Arts and Media Theory, University for Applied Arts Vienna

2007 Foreign Body - Workshop at school for artistic photography, Vienna

2007 Beyond Attraction - Workshop, Medienkulturhaus, Stadtgalerie, Wels

2007 Light Room – Workshop at FotoK school, Vienna

2007 Foreign Body, Comic Strip – Workshop at VWV, Vienna

  * together with Tatiana Lecomte, Susanne Neuburger, Lois Renner, Gabriele Rothemann

  ** Prof. Dr. Karin Priester, Prof. Dr. Hans-Juergen Puhle, Prof. Dr. Lothar Probst, Prof. Dr. Olaf Kramer, Andreas Sentker

Papers & articles (selected)

Book Chapter:
Der Akt des digitalen Erzählens - Walter Benjamin & digital Culture, Hg. Christian Schulte, (In publication)

Conference Paper:
2023 A brief history of the signature in art and media culture.
NFTs are not a medium of art but a signing system used to attribute works to an author, Conference Paper, RE:SOURCE – The 10th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology (In publication)

2013 Unsichtbare Politik, multiple Persoenlichkeiten, elektronische Darsteller, in Next Generation, New Ideas, VWH Verlag

Journalistic Articles:
2017 Clickbait Politics - Von reddit lernen
@ Berliner Gazette
2016 Clickbait Politics - Im Nebel der Institutionen @ Berliner Gazette
2016 Clickbait Politics - Populismus goes Smartphone @ Berliner Gazette
2015 Totales Sehen im Netz: Wie Medien mit der visuellen Darstellung des Todes umgehen @ Berliner Gazette
2015 (Un)sichtbare Opfer im Syrienkonflikt @ telepolis.de

Awards and grants

2009 Theodor Körner Fonds 2009 (together with Yvonne Giedenbacher for Screenplay Development "TRI")

2008 Showdown winner, Saatchi Gallery, London

2006 Römerquelle Editorial Award winner, Vienna (Jury: Kerstin Engholm , Thomas Freiler, Christiane Krejs, u.a.)

2003 Grant, by the Ministry for Art & Culture, Dep. Fine Arts, Vienna

Artworks in Collections

Blickle Videoarchiv Kunsthalle Vienna
Unkowncollector Vault
Phoebe Heess Collection 

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