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Georg Eckmayr

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  1. The Viennese Georg Eckmayr is an artist, researcher and lecturer. He specialises in moving imagery, films and installations in space or in form of coded structures to produce a body of work, coming full circle despite its multi-formity. 
  2. Please contact me via one of these platforms below:



RESCUE, Drowning by Numbers.
NFT Collection on objkt.com

This collection is about our interactions with the environment we live in; nature, landscape, life, algorithms, machines. We are in constant interaction with these entities. And these interactions are more and more shaped by numbers. By numbers we drown in.


Black pixels is a NFT collection on FND

brain twisters, mind-fucks, hacks of your worldview, epiphanies, eprom flashes or reflections on our human perception in physical and digital space

A heterogenous series of independent works playing with perception and/or perceptive devices.