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Artificial Intelligence, Experiment, Animationfilm, Ink-Jet Prints / 2020
>> Creating a perceptive System.
An attepmt to simulate individuality

            The questions are: Could individualitybe an effect of interaction? And far more specualtive: could even consciousness be an effect of interaction? Generally: Why do we project human characteristics on non human entities?

To tackle these question we developed a very basic artifical intelligence and studied its behavior in different settings. Conclusio 1: The feel of individuality can be created by means of interaction. Once a system with basic behavioral properties (perception, reaction) is defined, it appears to show individual behavior in any situation. This beahvior is a direct result of the relation between the entity and its surroundings in time and geometric space. Since every point in time and space is singular, entities can´t inhabit hte same spot, their behavior is different from each other and appears to be individual. We have not proven yet, that human individuality is a mere product of interaction, but we see that for individual behavior a very simple systgem of rules is sufficient.   

Finally we compared the attempt to simulate individual behavior via a perceptive algorithm to the method of key-framing. Conclusio 2: The former proves to be far more adaptive situationwise, because we simulate social behavior, while simulation via the imitiation of body movment allows more detail in movment, but needs to be manually adpated in any new situation. 

Screenvideo showing the artificial intelligence at work. It grants the shark in the pool the ability to perceive borders and react according to it. The shark is programmed in a way, that it recognises obstacles and turns if they appear ahead.

These are tracings of the behavior of the shark. Different individual patterns emerge from various ways to engage with the shark via purposly placed obstacles. 

The Simulation of Individuality through Interactionvia Perceptive Algorithm.

The Simulation of Individuality through Imitationvia Key-Frame Animation.

Further material:

Escape the System via Perceptive Fails. Since, the body of the shark has no density, it passes through walls, if its perceptive system faills to react properly. This happens very rarely.