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Georg Eckmayr

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  1. The Viennese Georg Eckmayr is an artist, researcher and lecturer. He specialises in moving imagery, films and installations in space or in form of coded structures to produce a body of work, coming full circle despite its multi-formity. 
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Relics from
the Internet

The Liberator, robotic drawing, 180x130 cm

Drawings of factual objects found on the internet (around 180 cm x 130 cm) / 2018
>> Re-materialisations of virtual objects presumable helping to fight for freedom

           Portraits of digital objects found on the internet, which are at the core of conflictive stories and (conspiracy) theories. This work came to existence with the support of Hannes Koecher.

The Liberator (Details), robotic drawing, 180x130 cm

The Liberator, robotic drawing, 180x130 cm

Controlled Demolition, robotic drawing, 180x130 cm

Landing Site, Apollo 11, robotic drawing, 180x130 cm