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The Ability to

Artificial Intelligence, Animationfilm, Ink-Jet Prints / 2021
>> Measuring the World

            These works are a selection from my current project The Ability to Perceive, which reflects the process of perception from different angles: What technocratic processes shape human perception? And on the other hand, what kind of glance do machines – e.g., surveillance systems and pattern recognition algorithms – cast on human agencies? These are critical questions especially in relation to the process of drawing borders, which is a defining process for our current societies. Theses borders mean to separate people not only territory-wise, but consequently on a cultural level by shaping social practice and human perception.

︎ Open Waters - The ability to perceive walls

(Animation Film, 8 Minutes)

A Short excerpt of the Video. 

︎ No Man’s Land / Niemandsland

(Mapdesign, Inkjet Print)

︎ RESCUE! Series

(Inkjet Prints, Mixed Media, Pigment, Wax)

︎ Optical Resolution Charts

(Optical resolution charts for calibrating machines, that have visual perception)

︎ The Emergence of Indviduality through Interaction 

(A.I., Inkjet Prints)

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︎ Orientation
(Inkjet Prints, two or three pannel installation)

︎ Research Project: The ability to perceive walls

(Artificial Intelligence)

Find out more about the artificial intelligence used for this project ︎︎︎