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Georg Eckmayr

    digitally signed ︎︎︎    SURFACES ︎︎︎
      Networked Sculptures 

    Machine Languages︎︎︎

    Digital experimental & algorithm based
    Other Work ︎︎︎
        Installations, films, sculpture, …


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  1. The Viennese Georg Eckmayr is an artist, researcher and lecturer.

    He studied digital art at the class of Peter Weibel under whose supervision he also completed and defended his doctoral thesis on digital images.

  2. Please contact me via one of these platforms below or the email on the CV page.


The Ability to

Artificial Intelligence, Animationfilm, Ink-Jet Prints / 2021
>> Measuring the World

            These works are a selection from my current project The Ability to Perceive, which reflects the process of perception from different angles: What technocratic processes shape human perception? And on the other hand, what kind of glance do machines – e.g., surveillance systems and pattern recognition algorithms – cast on human agencies? These are critical questions especially in relation to the process of drawing borders, which is a defining process for our current societies. Theses borders mean to separate people not only territory-wise, but consequently on a cultural level by shaping social practice and human perception.

︎ Open Waters - The ability to perceive walls

(Animation Film, 8 Minutes)
Watch the full film above.
A short animation film about borders drawn to evoke behaviour.

We never see the world as it is, as a mere fact,
but we shape sensual data into meaning by subjective patterns.

We touch, see and learn how the world is to be seen.

The development of perception gives this film, Open Water, its dramatic structure. Along this we arrange, layer, combine, contrast several topics: nature versus human condition, surveillance by the means of artificial intelligence and the crisis in the Mediterranean sea.

︎ No Man’s Land / Niemandsland

(Mapdesign, Inkjet Print)

A radical questioning of the common imaginations of maps, nations and borders as something naturally given. Whereas we were lucky to be born into existing systems, which not only are culturally constructed, but also need to be forcefully maintained.

︎ Optical Resolution Charts

(Optical resolution charts for calibrating machines, that have visual perception)

︎ Orientation
(Inkjet Prints, two or three pannel installation)

︎ Further Works from the Exhibition

︎ Research Project: The ability to perceive walls

(Artificial Intelligence)

Find out more about the artificial intelligence used for this project ︎︎︎.