False Memory Syndrom

Documentation of the un-seen.

"False Memory Syndrom" is an short-documentary about 5 performances, which did not happen. Can you document something, you have not seen?

I was asked by Charlotta Ruth and Dominik Grünbühel to document their performance project Living Documents I-V. The shows in march got cancelled because of the pandemic. I asked myself, can I still document these shows, which are not happening? I tried to and this film is the result of my attempt to reconstruct what did not happen from all the bits and pieces i could get my hands on.

Performances by Charlotta Ruth, Dominik Gruenbuehel, PETER, Anna Oeberg, Jenni Elina von Bagh
Co-Production with brut Vienna and Living Documents I-V (Charlotta Ruth, Dominik Gruenbuehel)