The ability to perceive walls

Performance by an AI, Computer, Prints (various sizes and techniques), Animation Film

"The ability to perceive walls" is an attempt to teach an artificial intelligence how to perceive borders and further artistic reflections on this process.

Open Waters - The ability to perceive walls (Animation Film, 8 Minutes)


The ability to perceive walls (Perfromance, Artificial Intelligence)

Screenvideo showing the artificial intelligence at work. It grants the shark in the pool the ability to perceive borders and makes it react according to it. The shark is programmed in a way, that it recognises obstacles and turns if they appear ahead.

Installation View


Perceptive Fails of the Artificial Intelligence (Ink-Jet Prints, A4)

relics relics relics relics

Traces - The creation of individuality through social interaction (Computer Drawings, each 50 cm x 50 cm)


RESCUE (Mixed Media, Ink-Jet, Wax, Pigment, 120 cm x 95 cm )