Films (Selection)

In this category you will find a selction of films i did.
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May 2015 (Collaboration and Commercial).

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Menschenmaterial - Dokumentation einer Verwandlung

TRAILER, 3:40 min

Trailer for the documentation -Menschnematerial- which we film at the moment. We plan to have a final Version in the end of 2015. It is about the whole process of tissue donation for medical purposes. The film follows the single steps from the removal, the transportation, the cleaning, the storage and finally the use of this human product.

Yvonne Giedenbacher, Georg Eckmayr 2015






II - (two)


Desire. A fetish. Being together and far apart. There is still a game to play.
Eckmayr, 2011






Eine Geometrie der Dauer


Video for the art installation Geometry of Time (Eine Geometrie der Dauer). For this video the movements of dancers were captured and transformed to static 3D geometry.

Eckmayr, 2005







The Beasts


Yvonne Giedenbacher, Georg Eckmayr 2013






Remix Kathan


Musical approach to a documentation of a metalworker (Wolfgang Kathan) building a bench.
Georg Eckmayr, Harald Kreimel, 2001